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fuji-masaki asked:
I really like your drawings Raph, they really good! how long have you been drawing/sketching? Fuji~

Hmmm….For a while…Since I was a kid maybe. I don’t know! ……

sneakergirl95 asked:
did you ever think spike would get mutated?

No…The thought never crossed my mind..

terrapinwin asked:
That drawing of Spike is lovely. Is it from...well, is it an old drawing? Or maybe one drawn from memory?

No, it’s an old one…

chloetheadventurer asked:
Where & When did you meet Spike? I'm pretty curious since I noticed that spike has been with you since uh.. A long time.

Yeah it was a long time… Lost in the sewer…

((You can find Spike’s Story here))

bvro-tmnt-plor-foll-gen1 asked:
Hey man , i've just made my first live mix and it was freaking awesome ... so I have to ask you this question : Which music style do you prefer ? (Sorry if you already answered it , I don't know .)

I do like a lot of dubstep/dance type music, as well as alternative types.

Anonymous asked:
Have any art of spike?




Toying with Photoshop.


lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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