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My Brothers




"Casey Jones meet Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and the one and only Raphael"

thedark-oneshadow asked:
"Then there's you, Raphael. The muscle. The one who says he is the strongest. But you have anger problems. You fight with Leonardo, which at one point injured Michelangelo. The fear you have of insects is irrational, proving how pathetic you are." It sneered at him. "Your impatient, bully your younger brothers to some extent and some day, you are going to crack. When that day comes, just know I will be there. To watch your descent into madness."

Psshh…Say what ya want? Not gonna let ya get to me. You talk a load of crud dude. I used to think that you were a colossal pain in the shell. Now I have a much lower opinion of ya.


Anonymous asked:
Hey Raph! What’s something most people don’t know about you?

That I am actually a Mutant Turtle, who lives in a sewer and no one really knows I exist.

xmarinalynnx asked:
Whats up?

*Looks up* The ceiling of the lair

fuji-masaki asked:
So you can play the drums and Mikey can sing. Ever though of getting Leo and Donnie to play some instruments and form a band? (For fun of course ^_^)



A band? 

Heh…I dunno. Maybe for a laugh for like a one of thing? But Na..Not really. 

We could tour the US, and teach kids to say no to drugs. We could call it, Coming Out of Our Shells!

Ha ha, no. That would be such a bad idea.


Bro….Just No…

Anonymous asked:
What is the most disgusting thing u have ever seen besides roaches?


cupcakeforever17 asked:
Heart, Spade, Diamond, or Clover?

Clover?? You mean clubs right? If so, I pick Clubs!

theellsassinjedininja5 asked:
Sup Raph! I wanted to know what would ya think about if a girl mutant showed up in New York City? How would you react to it?

I would think nothing of it. Just another mutant. My main concern would be, if you’re an enemy or not?

swing-your-hips-and-your-fists asked:
inFamous is so good. You're this dude who gains electricity based powers after an explosion and has to bring back some order to the city because a plague breaks out and the city is quarantined. I can't tell you here but there's an entire story-line that goes on into the second game so when you have time check it out. Best thing about the games is that you can choose between being good and evil. And there's also a spin-off game where you get turned into a vampire and much staking is required >v>

Heh heh!! Sounds epic man!! Thanks for telling me Bec, Something I will definatly look out for.

annamariamyst12 asked:
Besides Fishface, who would you consider to be you next greatest adversary.

Totally the Shredder! I would gladly take him out. Once he’s out of the way, then Sensei is safe.

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