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The 2 full promos by Leonardo AJTMNT you should watch it x3

assolinbs asked:
Hey raph happy Easter And happy tumblr birthday which is tomorrow

Happy Easter!! And yeah it is!! 

Anonymous asked:
Yo Raph! *gives you Reese's egg, pepperoni pizza, supreme pizza, and a Space Heroes poster* The supreme pizza and the Space Heroes is for Leo (since his ask box is closed, I couldn't give it to him personally.) Anyway, Happy Easter! - Ferret Girl ^^(A)^^

Hey thanks!! Don’t worry, I’ll give this to Leo. Not like I am gonna keep it! No way I wanna wake up and have Space dorks staring at me every morning…

Anonymous asked:
Hey dude happy easter! I beat my sister in an egg hunt by a landslide and my question is, did you and your brothers do easter hunting when you were little turtles?

Happy Easter!! Easter isn’t really a thing in Japan. Since Sensei brought us up to his culture, we never did. Weren’t to April joined us, that we started to experience things like this. 

nouran-turtle-artist asked:
Happy Easter bro *grins*

Happy Easter Nouran!

kuronekonick asked:
*sends you pepperoni chocolate pizza* Happy Easter

Thanks!! Happy Easter

Happy Easter Raph!!!

*From rainbow600*

lordevillol asked:
Happy Easter, Raph! *hands over a pepperoni and chocolate pizza, Cadbury Cream Eggs, and a bag of peeps*

Oh dude!! I got peeps!! Heh heh! HAPPY EASTER!

melia-tmnt asked:
Hey Raph! Do you like Pewdiepie? And Happy Easter!

I don’t really watch any You Tube people, Heard of him. But ain’t really watched anything. Also, Happy Easter!

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